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I focus my time, energy, work and research around three main disciplines: technology education, data science and software design. My approach is empirical, data-driven, open in process (acknowledging there is more of what we don’t know than of what we know), creative & bold. I am in the process of becoming a Data Scientist to apply these skills to my work in technology education and the financial markets. I also enjoy reading books and doing yoga.

My career started in Wall Street working for a Swedish private equity firm established in NYC. I then worked at the dutch consulting firm KPMG, then a hedge fund and then a Barcelona-based derivatives trading company from Chicago. I am now on a mission to unleash the creative potential of as many human beings as possible with technology education.

Luck has found me working and I have come across incredible people who have shaped my career tremendously. I am always grateful to my parents, Ed Seykota, Gabriel Shapiro, Henry Guy, Priya Kuber, nature, Meryl Streep & Tim Draper. I also credit most of what has happened to travels & adventures when I made “home” Chile, Mexico, USA and Spain – plus all the wonderful experiences I have had in the +15 countries I have visited.

Other identities include: Global Shaper WEF, MIT Innovator Under 35, Mujer Emergente Policarpa Salavarrieta Congreso de la República de Colombia, IDB Lifetime Fellow Recipient, Kairos Fellow, JCI TOYP Lifetime Fellow Honoree, NAIA Champions of Character Award Recipient, Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society Member and Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society Member. Memento Mori.